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On the 13thof February 2007 My Father, the Austrian, post holocaust survivor and Jewish writer, Jakov Lind died.  I came to the realization that if we don’t do something to conserve and celebrate all the great artists that have lived in Deia, then their memory will die and there will be No information to perpetuate their existence,No data to pass on to the people who now live in this village and to the future generations of people that will come and make their homes here.

No verbal or aural memory of the great times that were the…


At that moment the future of Deia was not a happy thought for me.

The idea that this relatively short but exciting period of creativity from 1960 – 2000, had come and gone and nothing was left to show of the inhabitants but one museum to Robert Graves and not even a post card or an artist’s center was disturbing and worrying to me.

When Jackie Waldren agreed to be a part of the project, my little idea took wings and we set up an unforgettable exhibition that year.

A Multi Media event, comprising all of the artists, writers, poets and musicians from the period 1960-1980 that we could muster.

There were artworks, photos, film footage and readings.

It was hugely successful and wonderful to behold.  We attempted to represent one example of each of the artists who had come and gone from Deia.  We didn’t succeed completely but …At least we amassed an amazing amount of information and nostalgia.  From this information we realized that we would have to do a catalogue of some kind and so we edited it all together into a beautiful orange book with all of the biographies and photos of the artists and a piece of their work.  The book sold out.

And now The New Deia Heydays Book, the second and updated version is published.

There are 104 artists in this book because we have added the next generation who arrived after 1980, and many who still live here in Deia or on the island.  It weighs an impressive 550 grams with the addition of a comprehensive translation in Catalan at the back.

Being over whelmed with the organization of the festival and under time pressure those ten years ago, the first book had it’s errors, spelling mistakes etc, and we have tried really hard to correct and update all the info and all the dates.  If some people are missing it is through error and not on purpose and we have included them in the website and will make space for them in version three.

I hope that this will give people some idea of the history and creative, inventive and visionary spirit that lived in this town.

If you would like to review and get more information on the people in this book you can go to the website where you can also see the documentary film and more artists that we didn’t have time to include in Version 2 and also buy it online.

I urge you to buy, study and enjoy this introduction to our little town. And think of this as a way to help support and finance our creative spirit.


Confirmed book launch dates:

May 20thDeia Book Fair

August 21stLa Residencia.

Pending Es Moli July 2018

  • Oona Lind
    Posted at 15:50h, 20 May

    The first Deia Heydays catalogue was inaugurated today 20th of May. A very warm and sunny day and we had a lot of visitors to our stand in the parking area. Then the presentation in the Tercera edad was filled as we projected the film of Deia and Jackie Waldren and I introduced the book. A lot of talk of what Deia used to be like before electricity arrived and the first television set to appear and the expense of ice. A collection of other Deia writers was also on sale. We had books by Bob de Maria, Susie Robinson and J.Mckinley. All the people who passed by were fascinated by the old mounted photo collages of what Deia looked like way back when. Deianics pointed out their friends and family to me. Very nice vibe. Thank you everyone for coming. Sorry we got rained out eventually, but what a lovely day. See you at the next book launch coming up soon. Stay tuned for dates.

  • Oona Lind
    Posted at 07:25h, 07 June