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It really is amazing how many talented artists used to live here and to realize that this tiny village inspired such an immense amount of creativity. Once the first publicity for Heydays was sent out with requests for additional names and profiles, we were astounded at the amount of people that offered input: photos, films, artists profiles, suggestions, etc. There is no doubt we may have neglected some people and made mistakes in details, quotes, etc. Since Robert Graves settled here, dozens of now famous authors, actors, musicians, painters visited Deià.


However, our main criteria was to highlight people who lived and worked in Deià during this golden age. We wish to apologize for any oversights and other errata. We worked with what came to us as best we could.


Some issues were terribly difficult: language (Castilian 1960-1975. Catalan since then or English-Lengua Franca among artists), length of profiles, artistic histories verses anecdotal history, order of presentation (always safe if alphabetical). We decided to use two languages, sometimes mixed together in the same sentences or titles that reflected the varied usage of locals and foreigners during that period. We think it is referred to as “Anglocastillorquin”.


En tot cas, life in Deya or Deià has always been an incredible mixture of beauty, art, music, poetry, language, romance, cultures and magic. We hope you will enjoy the wild mixture of people, events, sites, sounds and creative energy that permeated the heydays in Deya-Deià.


We wish to thank all those people who contributed either materially or financially to the publication of this inventory:



Es Moli Hotel, Belmond, La Residencia Hotel, Ayuntamiento de Deia, Christian Schallart, Christian de Larringa, Trinidad Morell and Aina Tria Veldeeck and Isabel de Tolda, Asher, Marcus, Caroline & Frank, Kurt Kruger, Fran and Bob, Robin & Cody, Ondine, Sunna, Tolito y Sa Fonda, Bob & Sandra, Annie Arnold, Oleguer, Pitxi, Fliss, David Templeton, Tomas Graves, Jochen Reuter, Mary Ann McKinley, Alice Meyer Wallace, Bruce Wallace, Tom, Laurel Marx, Natasha Morgan, Christian, David Ury, Javier and Terre, Anke Del Negro, Stewerd and Jeannie, Owen Goode, Pilar Salas, Francisca Vives, Antonia Oliver, Catalina & Tomeo, Xisca & Miguel, Toby Hogarth, Cecily, Arturo, Tony Juncosa, Blanca, Bel Miralles, Joan Miralles, Aina & Pere, Heiner Schmitz, Claus & Hanalor, Barry & Pablo, Hannah, Susie B, Joan Bibiloni, Silvia & Xisco, Susanna, Annie Grunfeld, Elizabeth Schuefler, Lluis Apestinguia, Yannick & Ben Jakober, Kristin & Axel, Roland & Emir, Andrew & Madeleine, Consell Insular, Charles Almond, Watt Boone, Magdalena Ripoll, Natalie, Catalina, Margie Abrams, S’Encruia, Asociacion de Veins, Margarita Fuster, Julietta, Damian Heine, Adell Blackmon, Serafine, Laure, Marta Pujol, and more…