First Inauguration

The first Deia Heydays catalogue was inaugurated today 20th of May. A very warm and sunny day and we had a lot of visitors to our stand in the parking area. Then the presentation in the Tercera edad was filled as we projected the film of Deia and Jackie Waldren and I introduced the book. A lot of talk of what Deia used to be like before electricity arrived and the first television set to appear and the expense of ice. A collection of other Deia writers was also on sale. We had books by Bob de Maria, Susie Robinson and J.Mckinley. All the people who passed by were fascinated by the old mounted photo collages of what Deia looked like way back when. Deianics pointed out their friends and family to me. Very nice vibe. Thank you everyone for coming. Sorry we got rained out eventually, but what a lovely day. See you at the next book launch coming up soon. Stay tuned for dates.

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